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EPlans: Building A Home Step-By-Step

Selecting Products and House Building Materials

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You've found the perfect house plan and know where you want to build. The excitement is building. It's time to start thinking about the details that can make all the difference. What kind of siding do you want on your new home? What are the tradeoffs between different kinds of roofing materials? What do you want in your kitchen?

ePlans has compiled a series of articles to help you choose products and house building materials for your new home. From plumbing, to roofing to kitchen appliances, you'll find a wealth of information. The home building materials and product articles listed below are just a start. Check back for new additions.

And check out the rest of ePlans Step-by-Step guide to building a home, where you can learn more about construction finance, house plan selection, and working with contractors.