Simple, Cheap to Build, Affordable Home Plans

Do you ever glance at your construction finances and then sit back and wonder, "What's the cheapest type of house I could build?" Guess what? You're not alone!

Finding simple affordable floor plans becomes more important as land and building costs rise, which is why we put together this collection. By choosing to build from simple house plans you've already taken a big step toward achieving a great home at an affordable price. Of course, larger homes cost more to build, heat, cool, and maintain so you'll find many smaller homes in this collection, along with homes that have relatively simple footprints, which can keep material and labor costs down. But keep in mind that extra features like window seats can create useful and beautiful effects, so there's no need to write them out entirely.

If you'd like to get a better idea of how much a particular house plan will cost to build, consider purchasing a Cost to Build Report (Cost to Build Reports can be purchased on most product pages--just look for the "Get Cost-to-Build Report" button).

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