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4 Bedroom House Plans, Floor Plans & Blueprints

4 bedroom house plans offer space and flexibility.

Four bedroom house plans (sometimes written "4 bedroom floor plans") are popular with growing families, as they offer plenty of room for everyone. At the same time, empty-nesters who expect frequent out of town guests (like grandchildren, adult children, family friends, etc) may also appreciate an extra bedroom or two.

Furthermore, it's important to keep in mind that a bedroom does not have to be used for sleeping. Many homeowners turn extra bedrooms into exercise or yoga studios, home offices, game rooms, dens, and much more--making them a great choice for anyone seeking a little extra space.

4 bedroom house plans come in many different configurations, with thousands available on ePlans.com in one story, two story, or even three story layouts.

You can also create your own dream home by using our customization service. For example, you could add a fourth bedroom to your favorite three bedroom house plan. Or, you could remove a bedroom from an otherwise perfect 5 bedroom house plan. For a home that will help with aging in place, look for designs with master suites on the main level.