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Cape Cod Style House Plans, Floor Plans & Designs

The Cape Cod house plan is designed for practicality and comfort in a harsh climate.

Originally developed in New England in response to harsh winters and the need for simple construction techniques, Cape Cod houses can be found anywhere residents want clean, symmetrical lines. Often featuring wood shingles or clapboard siding, Cape Cod homes utilize double-hung windows with shutters, with little roof overhang and a minimum of exterior ornamentation. The symmetrical design is mirrored in the interior, which often features a center hall layout. When present, the second floor is usually a half-story under the roof gable; dormer windows provide light and effective air circulation.

One of the most venerable and recognized of American house styles, Cape Cod home plans have adapted to the needs of a modern family, providing generous space behind a modest façade.

Architectural features:

  • Steep roofline, side-gabled roof
  • One or one-and-a-half stories, with rooms under the roof lit by dormer windows
  • Simple rectangular shapes and symmetry predominate