2 Story House Plans

Many people think of 2 story house plans as the perfect compromise—not too small, not too big. Two story house plans also offer many advantages.

For instance, homeowners with young children often prefer 2 story floor plans (sometimes written "2 storey house plans") because they want to have all bedrooms featured on the second level of a home. Why? For one, practicality often demands that parents and young children sleep on the same level; otherwise, every time a bad dream or dirty diaper strikes, at least one parent will be forced to trudge up and down stairs in order to mediate the problem. Furthermore, parents tend to want younger children to sleep above the first level of the home, simply for a little added security.

Some 2 story house plans in the collection below feature the master suite on the main level, while the other bedrooms (or most of them) are presented on the second level. This type of layout can be awesome for parents of teenagers who desire a more privacy, or empty nesters who wish to age in place without having to worry about climbing stairs later in life.

If you’re wondering if a 2 story house plan will offer you and your family enough space, realize that some two story house plans also offer a basement (i.e. a basement, a main level and a second level). Note that ePlans.com defines “story” as a level that’s above ground. Therefore, some two story floor plans in the collection below also feature a basement.

Two story house plans homes come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, from simple farmhouse designs to opulent mansions . Planning to stay a long time? Consider designs with the master suite on the main level , a great layout for aging in place. Or, go with the traditional master up arrangement if you prefer being within easy reach of children’s rooms. For the best of both worlds, select a 2 story floor plan that offers dual master suites — one on each level — which gives you flexibility, as well as a comfortable suite for in-laws or guests .

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