Cottage Style Homes and House Plans

Cottage homes and cottage style house plans combine efficiency, informality, and country character.

Today's cottage home plans can be cozy without skimping on living space. Small cottage house plans and country cottage style house plan designs offer details like breakfast alcoves and dining porches , helping them live larger than their square footage. The cottage home's irregular footprint ensures visual surprise from room to room and through unexpected views of the surrounding landscape, making these homes uniquely suited to picturesque country lots or infill sites in established neighborhoods. Stone, brick, and wood construction details give many cottage homes an organic look. Typical small cottage house plans offer a kind of comfort that may be lacking in larger, less personalized homes.

Architectural Features of Cottage Plans:

  • Steep overhanging roofs, often with a combination of hipped and gabled forms
  • Small footprint and irregular layout
  • Brick, stone, and natural materials often used for varying textures

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