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Courtyard House Plans & Floor Plans

Courtyard house plans deliver a well-deserved dose of luxury!

Courtyard house plans (sometimes written "house plans with courtyard") provide a homeowner with the ability to enjoy scenic beauty while still maintaining a degree of privacy. They are also a symbol of luxury and can be utilized in many different ways, including: guest entertainment, family barbecues, sun-bathing and gardening.

In our collection of courtyard house plans, you'll discover house plans with front, rear, side, and central courtyards. You decide which type of courtyard works best for you. For instance, a front courtyard is often great for curb appeal, while a rear or side courtyard is better for privacy. Meanwhile, a central courtyard that lives (you guessed it) in the center of the home oozes opulence!

Take the next step toward building your dream home by checking out the ePlans collection of house plans with courtyard today. Find a design that’s right for you, your family, and any future endeavors. And, don’t forget, if you can’t find a courtyard house plan that's perfect for your individual needs—don’t worry! Most house plans can be modified to meets your exact requirements. Call 1-800-528-8070 to learn more about house plan modifications.