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Popular Flooring Trends To Consider Before Building and Designing Your New House

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It’s always time for beautiful, but down-to-earth, and low-maintenance floors. The kind of floor you’d like to bring home to meet your family. A beautiful floor doesn’t mean hours of upkeep and headaches. In fact, simplicity is the trend in new homes today.

Durability and resistance are popular features in today’s market, and you don’t have to sacrifice beauty to have them. Not only that, but floors are no longer meant for standing room only. They invite you to sit, lie down, relax, and treat them almost as furniture. They can even massage your feet!

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Products are also echoing the great outdoors in their own individual ways: for example, with irregular stone pavers, like the bathroom and shower shown in House Plan 56-604, above; and with using ecologically-friendly manufacturing methods, mimicking natural stone and wood, or combining patterns of one material into another to create unique and surprising twists. The use of stone and/or ceramic tile for indoor-outdoor spaces, like the lanai shown below in House Plan #930-20, is becoming increasingly popular.

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Richly hued wood floors are an easy way to add warmth to a modern home as in House Plan 935-5, below.

flooring 3

The range of natural floor materials is wide and includes eco savvy choices like recycled wood, bamboo, palm, cork, linoleum, terrazzo, concrete, stone and ceramic tile. There are even ceramic tiles that mimic the look of wood. Check out the floors in the house plans by our exclusive designers for stellar examples to inspire your own designs and set your feet tapping. You should also take a look at Custom: a home plan portfolio, for stellar examples of the “floor next door” that your neighbors will envy.