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EPlans: Building A Home Step-By-Step


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Financing your new home

Financing construction of a new home has always been a key part of the process, even moreso in today's market. If you're lucky enough to be able to finance construction out of savings, then your task is simplified, but you'll still want to think carefully about budgets, so you can anticipate all the expenses that will occur along the way. If you do need to take out a construction loan, or a construction-to-permanent loan, you've probably already discovered that the markets are tighter than they once were, but credit is certainly available for those who qualify.

Browse through this ePlans Finance section for tips on creating a budget, getting a loan, and how to save money on construction. And check out the rest of ePlans Step-by-Step guide to building a home, where you can learn more about house plan selection, building products and working with contractors.