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Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans

December 18, 2018
Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans

By Jenny Clark

Do you want your house plan to be Santa-friendly, or not-so-Santa-friendly? A Santa-friendly house plan is a home with a fireplace (and chimney) that Santa can easily enter and exit on Christmas Eve night—without being detected. Meanwhile, a not-so-Santa-friendly floor plan is a home in which Santa is more likely to get caught as he delivers presents.

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Santa-friendly and not-so-Santa-friendly house plans each have their own appeal. For instance, a Santa-friendly floor plan makes Santa’s life easier. And, c’mon, Santa is awesome. He brings joy to millions of kids all over the world. Obviously, if you could make this sweet, wonderful man's life a little easier—on his busiest night of the year, no less—you would.

On the other hand, can you imagine how FRIGGIN’ COOL it would be to be the kid who CAUGHT SANTA?! Maybe choosing a not-so-Santa-friendly house plan is the way to go!

Below are five floor plans. Let’s see if they’re Santa-friendly or not-so-Santa-friendly...

#1 Cottage Plan 497-13 Cabin Plan - Front Elevation Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans Santa-friendly or not-so-Santa-friendly? Let’s review the facts...

  • This cottage plan does not feature a fireplace—a definite negative for Santa. Disclaimer: I, personally, don’t understand why an older, chubby gentleman like Santa would enjoy sliding down a chimney, but hey... It’s his thing.

  • This cottage plan features a bathroom on its main level, which can be used by guests, the occupant of Bedroom 1, etc. Now, ordinarily, this one main level bathroom would work perfectly well in a space such as this. However, on Christmas Eve night, it could be a different story. Imagine this... You’re Santa and you've just entered home 497-13. You're cold, tired, and you've really got to pee...but you can’t! Why? Because if you do, you’ll run the risk of either waking up the folks in Bedroom 1 or, even worse, bumping straight into a Bedroom 1 occupant who is already using the bathroom. Bah humbug!

Conclusion: not-so-Santa-friendly...but super cute nonetheless!

#2 House Plan 1060-37 Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1060-37

Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans

Santa-friendly or not-so-Santa-friendly? Let’s review the facts...

  • This traditional style home plan features a fireplace in its great room… Hurray!

  • There’s a powder room on the main level that does not serve a particular bedroom… Even bigger hurray!

  • The layout is open, meaning Santa can easily move from the fireplace to the kitchen island (where, presumably, cookies will be presented).

  • No bedrooms are featured on the main level. Disclaimer: This could be Santa-friendly or a not-so-Santa-friendly element, depending on how you look at it. Just think: if the Christmas tree is featured on the main level (as it usually is), it can be assumed that Santa will spend the majority of his time (and, therefore, make the most noise) on the main level. So, when considering this aspect, it’s best to have all the bedrooms (especially kid bedrooms) placed upstairs—away from the noise. However...when Santa arrives, he parks his sleigh on the roof, right? Well, I’m no roof or flying-sleigh expert, but I have to assume parking a sleigh led by nine reindeer on a roof has to make some kind of noise. And, if all the bedrooms are directly under the roof, this whole sleigh-parking business could seriously hurt Santa’s chances of making it in and out of the house undetected.

  • This design features a sliding glass door that opens onto the back porch. This door is situated between the kitchen and great room. So...if, as Santa’s eating cookies in the kitchen, he hears someone coming down the stairs, he actually has two escape options—1) the fireplace (assuming he can run fast enough) or 2) the sliding glass door.

Conclusion: Santa-friendly!

#3 House Plan 929-970 Build 1 Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans

Santa-friendly or not-so-Santa-friendly? Let’s review the facts...

  • This Craftsman house plan offers a fireplace in its great room... See photo below! Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans

  • There are two kitchen islands, plus a pantry. In other words, Cookie Heaven!

  • The open layout allows Santa to move swiftly and easily from the fireplace to the cookies.

  • Between the great room and kitchen, there's a door that leads out onto the back porch (alternate escape route).

  • There's a non-master bedroom on the main level. However, remember: a bedroom doesn't have to be used as a bedroom. A bedroom could be a study, an office, an exercise area, game/hobby room, etc.

  • There are two bathrooms on the main level: the master bath, and the bathroom that's presented between the laundry room (UTIL.) and the study. IF the study is used as a bedroom, this could, potentially, be a problem for Santa. As mentioned above, this creates a possible scenario where Santa bumps into and/or wakes up the bedroom's occupants.

  • The master bedroom is featured on the main level. This can be good for parents, as they may need to put their own presents under the tree on Christmas Eve night—without waking up their kids!

  • The master bedroom features two walk-in closets. Furthermore, the garage features a storage area. This is a major plus for parents who, unlike Santa, don't enjoy the luxury of having a North Pole workshop in which to hide presents until Christmas Eve night!

Conclusion: Santa and parent-friendly!

#4 House Plan 497-5 Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #497-5

Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans

Santa-Friendly (and Not-So-Friendly) House Plans

Santa-friendly or not-so-Santa-friendly? Let’s review the facts...

  • There's no fireplace—wah! But, there are multiple ways in and out of the main level.

  • There are no bedrooms on the main level, and the main level features a powder room.

  • Upstairs, the master suite offers a spacious walk-in closet in which parents can store their own presents prior to Christmas Eve night.

  • The master suite features a private roof deck where parents and Santa can, perhaps, enjoy a glass of wine in celebration of the fact that all their hard work is about to make their kids very happy.

Conclusion: Santa and parent-friendly.

#5 Every house plan in the ON SALE collection

Santa-friendly or not-so-Santa-friendly? Let’s review the facts...

  • If you select an on-sale design, you're saving money.

  • If you save money on a house plan, you can use that extra money to buy more presents.

  • Santa supports buying presents.

  • Parents support buying presents.

  • Kids REALLY support buying presents.

Conclusion: Santa, parent, and kid-friendly!

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