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Split Level House Plans, Floor Plans & Designs

The Split Level house plan is a variation on Ranch style that's designed to maximize smaller lots.

A relative of the Ranch home, the Split Level house plan features three levels of living space on a floor plan that makes economical use of the building lot. Split Level and similar Split Foyer house plans are particularly well-suited for sloping lots. In a Split Level or Split Foyer floor plan, the front door opens to a landing or a floor containing the living room, dining room, and kitchen. A half-flight of stairs leads up to the bedrooms, while another half-flight leads down to the basement, which may contain a rec room and additional bedrooms in addition to the utility room and garage. The relaxed and informal Split Level house plan caters well to growing families, since the multiple levels allow family members to carry on different activities in different areas of the house without disturbing one another.

The exterior of a Split Level design generally resembles a Ranch home, with a low gable or hipped roof, large picture windows, and minimal decorative details, but some Split Level home designs may reflect Colonial or Tudor influences.

Architectural features:

  • Rectangular footprint is most common, with garage on the lowest level
  • Living areas, bedrooms, and service areas are on separate levels, connected by short flights of stairs * Picture windows and sliding patio doors are common
  • Fa├žade generally exhibits a minimalist traditional look