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Tudor Style House Plans & Floor Plans

The Tudor house plan is generally characterized by decorative half-timbering in a stucco surface.

The Tudor Revival occurred in the early part of the 20th century and quickly became one of the most predominant architectural styles as masonry veneering was perfected and spread throughout the country. Most Tudor homes feature brick facades on the lower story at least, while stucco highlights the half-timber accents in the second story or gable ends. Tudor house plans are typically two stories, though smaller Tudor cottages are not uncommon. Steeply pitched roofs with massive chimneys almost always feature at least one front-facing gable. Many-paned windows are arranged in pairs or larger groups, making the interiors bright and airy in contrast with the imposing exterior.

The modern Tudor floor plan may be formal or open, with plenty of space for families.

Architectural features:

  • Steeply pitched gables
  • Large stone or brick chimney
  • Tall, narrow windows arranged in pairs or ribbons
  • Decorative half-timbering against stucco surfaces on upper walls