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Gothic Revival Style House Plans & Floor Plans

Gothic Revival is a variation of the Victorian architectural style characterized by a church-like appearance.

An eclectic Victorian style, Gothic Revival homes feature asymmetrical and unpredictable floor plans. Easily identified by the pointed arch shape which is repeated in windows, doorways, and other decorative features, Gothic Revival home plans are built with a steeply pitched cross-gable roof and a one-story porch. Like other Victorian styles, Gothic Revival designs are heavily laden with decoration: elaborate buttresses, lacy pinnacles, and decorative tracery in the leaded glass windows. Though they are typically described as church-like in appearance, some Gothic Revival houses bear more resemblance to castles.

Gothic Revival house plans can be built on vacant lots in Victorian neighborhoods or on rural lots, as many farmhouses of the era were built in the Gothic Revival style.

Architectural features:

  • Pointed arch (lancet) windows and decorative accents
  • Steeply pitched roof with intersecting gables
  • Gingerbread brackets, braces, and vergeboards