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What's a Modern Mudroom?

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When you come home after a long day, the last thing you want to encounter is a cramped laundry room overflowing with clothing, backpacks, and shoes. That’s where today’s mudroom design plans come in. In fact, Eplans has a whole collection of Mudroom House Plans!

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What's A Mud Room?

Mudrooms (also frequently written as mud rooms) may have meant a sheltered place to enter the home in the past (especially in cold-weather regions), but today the term usually refers to an organized area just inside the garage or back entrance of the home that makes it easy to take off your shoes, hang up your coat, sort through the mail, and carry in groceries.

Modern mudroom design in the Newest House Plans also often includes cubbies, lockers, or other areas for kids to drop their school supplies. Need a place to store your dog’s leash? Today’s mud rooms may also have pet-friendly features.

Move Over, Laundry Rooms. Hello, Mudrooms!

As mudrooms have gotten larger, laundry rooms have moved out of the way. Today’s laundry rooms frequently sit apart from the general traffic flow, meaning that pile of laundry won’t be an eyesore every time you go to the garage. In homes with master suites on the main floor, having the laundry room near to the main bedroom makes chores easier. Or if your master suite sits upstairs, locating the laundry up there makes a lot of sense. 2 Story House Plans are especially likely to have the laundry room upstairs and a modern mud room design on the main level.

From Simple To Elaborate - Mudroom House Plans Are Sure To Please

Mudrooms come in different sizes, from simple hallways with storage in small homes to more elaborate networks of functional spaces in larger homes. Keeping everything tidy becomes especially important in House Plans with Open Layouts, since there are fewer nooks to hide clutter.

Whatever space you have to work with, storage and organization are the essential goals. A coat closet is perhaps the simplest starting point. Add a bench that lets you sit down while taking off your shoes (a feature sure to be appreciated by elderly relatives, especially in a House Plans with In law Suite, and maybe even a pocket office for charging your phone or tablet.

Unloading groceries into a big kitchen? Look for mud room plans with large walk-in pantries nearby.