Customize Plan #1070-10 to make it your perfect home

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Plan #1070-10
  • 3 bedroom,
  • 2.5 bath
  • 2 garage, 
  • 2436 sq/ft, 
  • 2 story

Plans starting at $1550.00
We understand it's difficult to find home blueprints that meet all your needs. That is why is glad to offer plan modification services. We will work with you to design the home modifications you'd like to see and to adjust your blueprint plans accordingly.

Typical home plan modifications may include:

  • Changing foundation type or exterior.
  • Adding square footage.
  • Redesigning baths, kitchens, bedrooms and/or garages.
  • Creating right reading reverse plans.
  • Or most other home plan modifications you may desire.

Note: All modifications are done by our licensed design team and costs from $650 to $2000+ depending on the scope of the changes. Costs are in addition to price of plan.