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Shingle Style House Plans & Floor Plans

The Shingle style evokes images of seaside towns and slower lifestyles, along with elements of elegant Victorian style.

Shingle style house plans vary in form, but maintain a constant theme of irregular shapes and unadorned surfaces unified by rustic shingle cladding (in fact, the earthy materials may remind you of Craftsman style). Rooflines are complex, with multiple elements of varying shapes and heights. Bays, bulges, and turrets are common, wrapped in a continuous sheath of shingles. Some Shingle designs feature rusticated stone on the foundation and lower level walls; stone may also be present in massive porch supports. Rounded arches are common design motifs. Relaxed and free from excessive decoration, the unadorned doors, windows, porches, and cornices of the Shingle style help the home blend into its natural surroundings.

Shingle home plans are generally substantial in size, designed to house large families and frequent guests. Shingle floor plans are rambling and informal, providing plenty of nooks and corners to curl up with a good book during stormy weather. Wide porches give you a place to enjoy waterfront breezes and accommodate seasonal coastal living.

Architectural features:

  • Rustic, roughhewn shingle siding
  • Massive and irregular in shape with complex rooflines
  • Protruding bays and towers and spacious porches are common features