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Queen Anne Victorian Style House Plans & Floor Plans

Like the Victorian age, Queen Anne house plans are grandiose and opulent.

Think about Victorian architecture and what probably comes to mind is a Queen Anne house plan. Queen Anne style is in fact one of the sub-styles of the Victorian school. Replete with towers, wings, wraparound porches, and intersecting gables, the multistory Queen Anne house plan presents an eccentric asymmetrical façade to the street. Embellished with a myriad of decorative elements, each Queen Anne home is different, providing a feeling of individuality and personal expression for the homeowner.

Every available surface may be embellished on a Queen Anne design. The walls may be covered in fish-scale shingles or decorative half-timbering, while spindly gingerbread trim inspired by the English furniture designer Charles Eastlake drips from the eaves, the window frames, and the porch roof. These houses are also known as Eastlake homes in his honor. Multiple windows bring light to the interior of the home. Queen Anne floor plans typically have a rambling layout, with a variety of nooks and cozy alcoves mirroring the variety of exterior towers and projections that give Queen Anne home plans their eccentric charm.

Architectural features:

  • Two to three stories, with a steeply pitched roof
  • Asymmetrical façade, with multiple projections, gables, and towers
  • Highly ornamented exterior with a variety of surface patterns
  • Wide covered porches, often extending around a side of the home