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Neoclassical Style House Plans

A Neoclassical house plan reflects the grace and beauty of classical architecture.

Neoclassical home plans evoke a sense of grandeur by incorporating traditional elements drawn from Greek and Roman classical architecture. Graceful proportions are the hallmark of Neoclassical architecture, evident in the symmetrical façades and balanced arrays of windows. The central part of a Neoclassical home design is generally two stories and may be flanked by one-story wings. A two-story portico supported by towering columns may frame the entry or stretch across the entire façade. Eclectic touches such as exaggerated broken pediments and dentil molding may adorn the doorways, cornices, and windows. Inside, a Neoclassical floor plan may include formal living and dining areas for entertaining, with comfortable family spaces and modern amenities to the rear of the home.

Architectural features:

  • Symmetrical and well-proportioned
  • Centered door, balanced windows, and matching wings
  • Ionic or Corinthian columns or pilasters, often rising two stories
  • Ornate details on doorways, cornices, and windows
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