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Mediterranean-Modern Style House Plans

Take a fanciful Mediterranean villa and pare down the curlicues to more contemporary, streamlined forms and you’ll have a Mediterranean Modern style home.

Mediterranean Modern, or Neo-Mediterranean style house, plans represent a movement towards modern style and simplicity while retaining the tropical allure of their predecessors. In plan, a Mediterranean Modern home design may resemble a ranch house, with a single story and a low-pitched roof, and restrained details borrowed from the Mediterranean styles, like arched window and door openings, red tile roofs, and stucco walls. The style is popular in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and other Sunbelt states, where they appeal to a wide range of homeowners.

Architectural features:

  • One or two story plans with low-pitched red tile roofs
  • Minimal decorative details
  • Arched openings
  • Stucco exterior walls
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