Mediterranean-Modern Style House Plans

Take a fanciful Mediterranean villa and pare down the curlicues to more contemporary, streamlined forms and you’ll have a Mediterranean Modern style home.

Mediterranean Modern, or Neo-Mediterranean style house, plans represent a movement towards modern style and simplicity while retaining the tropical allure of their predecessors. In plan, a Mediterranean Modern home design may resemble a ranch house, with a single story and a low-pitched roof, and restrained details borrowed from the Mediterranean styles, like arched window and door openings, red tile roofs, and stucco walls. The style is popular in Florida , Texas , Arizona , and other Sunbelt states, where they appeal to a wide range of homeowners.

Architectural features:

  • One or two story plans with low-pitched red tile roofs
  • Minimal decorative details
  • Arched openings
  • Stucco exterior walls

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