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Universal Design House Plans

Universal design homes are crafted to be accessible to those with wheelchairs or limited mobility. But they are an easy-living choice for everyone.

Perhaps you have an elderly parent coming to live with you (in which case, check out our collection of plans with in-law suites and double master suites) and accessibility is important. To accommodate special needs, universal design house plans offer wide hallways and easy access to bedrooms and bathrooms. Homes for the aging Baby Boomer population will require attention to their physical comforts, particularly with the "aging in place" movement gaining popularity. Demand for wider doors and hallways, easier-to-operate latches and appliances, and user-friendly bathrooms and kitchens will continue to grow — and universal design home plans will grow right along with them.

Even if you don't have mobility issues now, a universal design plan is a great long-term choice, since you will be able to access it for years to come. If you decide to sell, your home will appeal to a wide audience. If you'd like to build a home with two or more stories, explore our collection of homes with elevators that make it easy to get around.