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Energy Saver Plus House Plans

Imagine your home as a mini power plant, generating its own energy while you pocket the money you'd otherwise pay the utility company.

When built to specifications, the new Energy Saver Plus Home Plans use 40 to 50 percent less energy than a standard new home, without any renewable energy systems. Innovative design and building techniques account for impressive energy savings, but add a solar photovoltaic array, and your days of paying the power company could be over.

Livable Design

Inside, these homes are surprisingly luxurious. Even the smallest designs include master suites with all the amenities, not to mention 10-foot ceilings and other thoughtful details. Open floor plans increase the sense of spaciousness and allow for more efficient heating and cooling. As you browse the collection, you'll notice that many of the homes have similar floor plans but different exteriors. The variety of facades makes these homes suitable for virtually any locale and ensures you'll find the design that's right for you.

Custom Advice

Your Energy Saver Plus plan comes with a custom spec sheet tailored to your climate zone. The spec sheet has been developed by a building science professional to help you get optimal results from your Energy Saver Plus home no matter where you are building.