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Dutch Colonial Style House Plans & Floor Plans

The Dutch Colonial house plan is very simple in nature and is suitable for families.

The Dutch home plan is a variation of the Colonial style most popular in New York and New England. Though they typically exhibit the same one or one-and-a-half-story form and no-nonsense façade as the Cape Cod, the defining characteristic of a Dutch Colonial home is the flared eaves and/or gambrel roof form (think of a barn roof). Bedrooms are often found on the upper floor under the roof, with dormers or windows at the ends to allow light to penetrate. Later examples of the Dutch style home may have a full second story. The house features a symmetrical plan that flanks a central door, often leading to a central hallway with flanking rooms.

Quintessentially cozy, Colonial Dutch style homes look solid and substantial, suitable for families seeking a formal interior layout coupled with a modest face to the street.

Architectural features:

  • Usually one to 1 ½ stories, with dormers for light and ventilation.
  • Side-gabled roof with flared eaves or gambrel shape. Later examples may have a front-facing cross gable as well.
  • Often constructed of stone, with a combination of brick and clapboard siding.
  • Central door and balanced windows.