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Contemporary-Modern House Plans & Floor Plans

What's the difference between contemporary house plans and modern house plans?

Put simply, contemporary house plans are the homes of today. Basically, any architectural style that's popular today can be considered contemporary. What's more, contemporary house plans often feature a mixture of styles (e.g. modern with Craftsman touches).

Modern house plans, on the other hand, are more specific. Modern home plans embody modern architecture which showcases sleek lines, a monochromatic color scheme, minimal details, open floor plans, large windows, lots of natural light, and chic outdoor living.

Can contemporary house plans overlap with modern house plans? They often do, hence our contemporary-modern home plan collection below!

Modern home plans have a long history that ranges from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style in the early 1900s to European Modernism of the 1920s to Mid-Century Modern homes to A-frame and geometric house plans of recent decades. Many contemporary-modern home plans take advantage of advances in building technology and materials to create unique and innovative designs. Glass, concrete, vinyl and wood, often with an industrial look, emphasize the concept of progressive architecture.

Contemporary-modern house plans offer homeowners flexibility and up-to-date functionality and design.

Architectural Features of Contemporary-Modern House Plans:

  • A mixture of styles
  • Open, flexible floor space
  • Outdoor living space
  • Minimalist decorative elements
  • Extensive use of modern or "industrial" mixed materials throughout home
  • Extensive use of glass for natural light and views
  • Unobtrusive front entrance
  • Flat or unconventional shed roofs
  • Monochromatic color scheme