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Go Bold and Go Home: Bringing Stone Indoors

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Manufactured Stone Brings Style and Elegance to Any Room

Well-worn stone fireplace walls have been adding functional interest, depth and desirability to homes for centuries, and now, with the profusion of very natural-looking manufactured stone veneers, we have almost infinite choices for many other locations in the home.

Manufactured stone veneer can mimic all the textures, colors and nuances of a real stone wall, but it carries nowhere near the weight. With a thickness of about an inch, the total weight of the veneered wall is only a portion of a full stone wall, so no additional support structure is required.

And, rather than being limited to the kinds of stone found in local garden centers or brickyards, we can choose from dozens of stone types, from Limestone to River Stone, many ways the surfaces have been designed to appear cut or chiseled, and an equal array of grouting options and colors.

Grout truly brings your stonework together. With traditional grouting methods, it is the grout that fills the voids between the stones, and it plays an important part in the overall visual appearance of your finished stonework. Selecting the type, size and color of the stone is only part of the customization process—there are grout visualizers online that will help you choose the style and grout colors to confidently create the perfect look inside your home.

You will still want to work with bricklayer or stone installer and consider the best installation methods and to determine any load-bearing provisions, but stone veneer can be used to add visual appeal and interest to almost any room in the house.

slate and russet terra cut blend by provia
The russet colors inherent in the natural terra-cut stone veneer work in harmony with the honey-toned rustic wood trim and ceilings.

Spotlights enhance all the variations in the textured surfaces, adding a touch of the outdoors to a spa tub.
slate and russet terra cut blend around tub

Stone veneer adds drama to this kitchen, bringing harmony to painted wood, stained wood, stainless steel, granite and a built-in TV.
osage ledgestone kitchen by provia

Placing stone veneer by the window allows for subtle variations of color and texture from sunlight throughout the day.
osage ledgestone by provia

Manufactured stone veneer works well with real slate tiles along the edge of this spa tub, with plenty of color and texture variations.
mystic ledgestone by provia

Floor-to-ceiling Colorado dry-stacked stone veneer adds visual impact on its way down the stairs to the lower level.
colorado dry stack by provia