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House Plan Design - Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-11
Award Winning Plans
Thousands of Award Winning Architect Designs ePlans is a proud sponsor of the American Institute of Building Design’s annual American Residential Design Awards competition. Garnering entries from all over the world each year, ARDA honors the finest in residential and community design.
House Plan Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-164
Best Sellers
There's a reason these designs are so popular: fabulous curb appeal plus accommodating layouts. The best and most popular house plans for sale on ePlans.com often include flexible spaces, welcoming porches, island kitchens, and adaptability to neighborhoods across the country.
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1042-19
Contemporary-Modern Floor Plans
What's the difference between contemporary house plans and modern house plans? Put simply, contemporary house plans are the homes of today. Basically, any architectural style that's popular today can be considered contemporary. What's more, contemporary house plans often feature a mixture of styles (e.g. modern with Craftsman) touches).
House Plan Design - Front view - 1740 square foot cottage home
Designer Favorites
We asked some of our most popular designers to identify their favorite home designs plans...the house plans they think have the the most curb appeal, the best layouts, and the best features and amenities for modern lifestyles. These were the designs that came to them in moments of genuine inspiration, and they want to share their inspiration with you.
House Plan Design - Cottage Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #120-267
Duplex Home Designs
Duplex House Plan Designs
House Plan Design - Plan 1067-1 Front Photo
Editor's Picks
From small but fabulous homes with space-saving designs to spectacular dream estates, we've assembled our top picks in this collection. Hand-picked from the tens of thousands of house plans available on ePlans, these designs offer a wide range of sizes, architectural styles, and amenities.
House Plan Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #938-82
Energy Saver Plus House Plans
Imagine your home as a mini power plant, generating its own energy while you pocket the money you'd otherwise pay the utility company. When built to specifications, Energy Saver Plus Home Plans use 40 to 50 percent less energy than a standard new home, without any renewable energy systems. Innovative design and building techniques account for impressive energy savings, but add a solar photovoltaic array, and your days of paying the power company could be over.
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-296
Exclusive House Plans
The magnificent plans in this collection come from four of the country's most talented designers, brought together here on ePlans. These design firms have more than 100 years of experience among them, and their award-winning plans have been used to build hundreds of thousands of homes nationwide and around the world.
House Plan Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-156
Family House Plans
Family house plans are full of practical, flexible, and convenient home features. These smart home designs cater to a more relaxed, but busy lifestyle. With organized mudrooms, island kitchens, and open floor plans, our collection of family house plans combine comfort and functionality – no matter the size.
House Plan Design - Beach Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #938-83
Green House Plans
Green is one of the hottest movements in house building today. Recycled-glass countertops, insulating wall systems, and non-toxic interior paint may have important roles to play in the building of your next home, but don't forget that every sustainable home begins with a green design. Choosing a home plan designed with green features, meaning with adequate natural lighting and ventilation, environmentally conscious materials, a modest size and footprint, is the foundational decision in the building of a comfortable, sustainable home.
House Plan Design - Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #47-1079
Home Plan Doorbusters
This collection represents the very best deals in house plans, with significant savings on all kinds of fantastic home plan designs. Shop it while you can!
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #892-23
House of the Week
The home plans in this collection have been featured in newspapers nationwide in the popular "House of the Week" feature. Showcasing a variety of styles, their broad appeal and up-to-date layouts make them fit right into most any neighborhood. Learn more about each one by perusing additional images, taking a closer look at the floor plans, and even leaving comments.
House Plan Design - Contemporary Photo Plan #1070-7
House Plans for Narrow Lots
Utilize space wisely with a narrow lot house plan! Whether you're working with a small lot or you just want an affordable compact home, our collection of house plans for narrow lots is sure to please.
House Plan Design - Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-2694
Multifamily House Plans
Whether you're looking for a duplex, triplex, or a building with even more units, this collection of multifamily house plans has you covered.
House Plan Design - Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #927-756
New American House Plans
The New American house plan embodies expansive space and style. What is American house design? The New American home is big, inside and out. American house design represents a melting pot of architectural traditions, borrowing the asymmetrical massing of European country cottages and Victorian-era designs, and applying the formal architectural flourishes of Colonial and Neoclassical styles for a uniquely American house design.
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #25-4931
Newest House Plans
Do you like to stay on the cutting edge, jumping on the latest design developments before they become the next popular trends? Explore our newest plans, just added to the eplans collection. You'll find plans with the best features of contemporary plan design: open layouts, island kitchens, great rooms, master suites on the main floor, mudrooms, e-spaces, flex rooms (which are increasingly taking the place of designated living and dining rooms). Check back here often, since these plans update frequently.
House Plan Design - Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #437-120
Sloped Lot House Plans
Are you concerned about building your dream house on a lot that slopes? Don't be! Sloping lots can be a pain, but they don’t have to be when you shop on ePlans.com. Our sloping lot home designs were created with you (and your sloping lot) in mind. These plans use the sloping lot to their advantage and often feature a beautiful walkout basement.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-22
The American Institute of Building Design Presents...
The home plans in this collection have been designed by Certified Professional Members of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD). A nonprofit professional organization established in 1950, AIBD strives to protect and enhance its membership's ability to practice their profession.