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House Plan Design - Ranch Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #117-840
A-Frame House Plans
Ski House Modern! A-Frame house plans suit rugged climates. A-Frame Houses look like three dimensional versions of the capital letter A. Or, as author Chad Randl puts it in his book A-Frame: "An A-frame is a triangular structure with a series of rafters or trusses that are joined at the peak and descend outward to the main floor level." Becoming popular in the 1950s, A-Frame home plans set a new standard for dramatic, contemporary vacation homes.
House Plan Design - Colonial Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-230
Adam/Federal House Plans
The popularity of Adam and Federal style architecture coincided with the end of Colonial America. Federal style house plans present a formal, rigorously balanced face to the street. Rooflines can be peaked with little overhang, although larger versions sometimes feature a flat roof flanked by a decorative balustrade. Architectural details are small but telling, providing a formal feel to the living areas inside.
House Plan Design - Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-11
Award Winning Plans
Thousands of Award Winning Architect Designs ePlans is a proud sponsor of the American Institute of Building Design’s annual American Residential Design Awards competition. Garnering entries from all over the world each year, ARDA honors the finest in residential and community design.
House Plan Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-164
Best Sellers
There's a reason these designs are so popular: fabulous curb appeal plus accommodating layouts. The best and most popular house plans for sale on ePlans.com often include flexible spaces, welcoming porches, island kitchens, and adaptability to neighborhoods across the country.
House Plan Design - Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-294
Cape Cod House Plans
The Cape Cod house plan is designed for practicality and comfort in a harsh climate. Originally developed in New England in response to harsh winters and the need for simple construction techniques, Cape Cod houses can be found anywhere residents want clean, symmetrical lines.
House Plan Design - European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #118-142
Chalet House Plans
These charming house plans make perfect mountain getaway homes. Drawing on the rustic farmhouses of the European Alps, the romantic Chalet style gained popularity in America around the middle of the 19th century, where it was employed in snowy mountain settings where its storybook charm is complimented by spectacular scenery.
House Plan Design - European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #54-168
Chateau House Plans
For those who want to live like royalty, you’ll find your castle house plan in the Chateauesque style. Inspired by French Chateau house plans of the 16th century, the Chateauesque style is a popular choice for lavish homes designed to impress.
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1042-19
Contemporary-Modern Floor Plans
What's the difference between contemporary house plans and modern house plans? Put simply, contemporary house plans are the homes of today. Basically, any architectural style that's popular today can be considered contemporary. What's more, contemporary house plans often feature a mixture of styles (e.g. modern with Craftsman) touches).
House Plan Design - Front view - 1740 square foot cottage home
Designer Favorites
We asked some of our most popular designers to identify their favorite home designs plans...the house plans they think have the the most curb appeal, the best layouts, and the best features and amenities for modern lifestyles. These were the designs that came to them in moments of genuine inspiration, and they want to share their inspiration with you.
House Plan Design - Colonial Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-298
Dutch Colonial House Plans
The Dutch Colonial house plan is very simple in nature and is suitable for families. The Dutch home plan is a variation of the Colonial style most popular in New York and New England. Though they typically exhibit the same one or one-and-a-half-story form and no-nonsense façade as the Cape Cod, the defining characteristic of a Dutch Colonial home is the flared eaves and/or gambrel roof form (think of a barn roof).
House Plan Design - Plan 1067-1 Front Photo
Editor's Picks
From small but fabulous homes with space-saving designs to spectacular dream estates, we've assembled our top picks in this collection. Hand-picked from the tens of thousands of house plans available on ePlans, these designs offer a wide range of sizes, architectural styles, and amenities.
House Plan Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #938-82
Energy Saver Plus House Plans
Imagine your home as a mini power plant, generating its own energy while you pocket the money you'd otherwise pay the utility company. When built to specifications, Energy Saver Plus Home Plans use 40 to 50 percent less energy than a standard new home, without any renewable energy systems. Innovative design and building techniques account for impressive energy savings, but add a solar photovoltaic array, and your days of paying the power company could be over.
House Plan Design - Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #54-294
English Cottage House Plans
Romantic and full of unique character, English Country homes (also known as English cottages or cottage style) make charming in-law units or full-sized family homes. Clay or mud was used to fill the walls between the timber framing members, creating the familiar "half-timbered" appearance. Prominent chimneys are evidence of the fireplaces used to heat the home and cook food.
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-296
Exclusive House Plans
The magnificent plans in this collection come from four of the country's most talented designers, brought together here on ePlans. These design firms have more than 100 years of experience among them, and their award-winning plans have been used to build hundreds of thousands of homes nationwide and around the world.
House Plan Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #923-120
Family House Plans
Family house plans are full of practical, flexible, and convenient home features. These smart home designs cater to a more relaxed, but busy lifestyle. With organized mudrooms, island kitchens, and open floor plans, our collection of family house plans combine comfort and functionality – no matter the size.
House Plan Design - European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #20-1731
French Country House Plans
French Country house plans recall simple but stately manor houses in the European countryside. French Country style became popular after World War I when soldiers returning from Europe settled down and began building homes inspired by the country cottages and manors they saw in France and other parts of Europe. French Country style house plans typically offer two stories of living space in a rectangular footprint under a hipped roof.
House Plan Design - Classical Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-222
Georgian House Plans
Popular in Colonial America, Georgian house plans imitate English architecture of the period. Imported from England during Colonial days, the Georgian style has maintained its position as one of the most popular residential architectural styles in the United States. Its stately stance often appeals to those seeking to make a statement of elegance and good taste.
House Plan Design - Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-337
Gothic Revival House Plans
Gothic Revival is a variation of the Victorian architectural style characterized by a church-like appearance. An eclectic Victorian style, Gothic Revival homes feature asymmetrical and unpredictable floor plans. Easily identified by the pointed arch shape which is repeated in windows, doorways, and other decorative features, Gothic Revival home plans are built with a steeply pitched cross-gable roof and a one-story porch.
House Plan Design - Classical Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-307
Greek Revival House Plans
Stately and refined by design, Greek Revival house plans are ideal for large family homes sited on estate-sized properties, but they are also suited for sophisticated in-town homes and neo-urban cottages. Elegant, bold, and simple, neoclassical Greek Revival home designs started appearing in America in the early 19th century when tastes turned toward the ideals of the ancient world.
House Plan Design - Beach Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #938-83
Green House Plans
Green is one of the hottest movements in house building today. Recycled-glass countertops, insulating wall systems, and non-toxic interior paint may have important roles to play in the building of your next home, but don't forget that every sustainable home begins with a green design. Choosing a home plan designed with green features, meaning with adequate natural lighting and ventilation, environmentally conscious materials, a modest size and footprint, is the foundational decision in the building of a comfortable, sustainable home.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-177
Home Plan Doorbusters
This collection represents the very best deals in house plans, with significant savings on all kinds of fantastic home plan designs. Shop it while you can!
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #892-23
House of the Week
The home plans in this collection have been featured in newspapers nationwide in the popular "House of the Week" feature. Showcasing a variety of styles, their broad appeal and up-to-date layouts make them fit right into most any neighborhood. Learn more about each one by perusing additional images, taking a closer look at the floor plans, and even leaving comments.
House Plan Design - Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #943-31
House Plans for Narrow Lots
Utilize space wisely with a narrow lot house plan! Whether you're working with a small lot or you just want an affordable compact home, our collection of house plans for narrow lots is sure to please.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #453-617
Italianate House Plans
Breathtakingly beautiful on estate-size suburban property and strikingly sophisticated in smaller scale settings, Italianate house plans offer a fresh take on Old World style. First popularized in America in the 1830's and influenced by both the rural farmhouses of Italy and the classical architecture of Italian city houses, the Italianate style remained a staple in cities and towns through the end of the 19th century.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-473
Luxury House Plans
Just what is a 'luxury' home? While all homes should provide comfort and function, a luxury home surpasses these basic purposes and offers much more flair. In a crowded city, it could mean a compact yet comfortable three-level home in an exclusive neighborhood. In more spread-out areas of the country, it may have sizable square footage and sit on rolling acres of land. However you envision your new luxurious home to wind up, you've landed at the right place to start the process.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1017-158
Mediterranean Modern House Plans
Take a fanciful Mediterranean villa and pare down the curlicues to more contemporary, streamlined forms and you’ll have a Mediterranean Modern style home.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1058-2
Mission House Plans
Remember the Alamo? Before it was a landmark it was a Spanish mission, and its distinctive parapet is the hallmark of Mission style architecture. Mission or Mission Revival house plans share the stucco walls and red tile roofs common to the other architectural styles indigenous to California and the American southwest, but they have one distinguishing feature: at least one curvaceous parapet adorning the façade.
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-2595
Multifamily House Plans
Whether you're looking for a duplex, triplex, or a building with even more units, this collection of multifamily house plans has you covered.
House Plan Design - Classical Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #119-363
Neoclassical House Plans
A Neoclassical house plan reflects the grace and beauty of classical architecture. Neoclassical home plans evoke a sense of grandeur by incorporating traditional elements drawn from Greek and Roman classical architecture. Graceful proportions are the hallmark of Neoclassical architecture, evident in the symmetrical façades and balanced arrays of windows.
House Plan Design - Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #927-756
New American House Plans
The New American house plan embodies expansive space and style. What is American house design? The New American home is big, inside and out. American house design represents a melting pot of architectural traditions, borrowing the asymmetrical massing of European country cottages and Victorian-era designs, and applying the formal architectural flourishes of Colonial and Neoclassical styles for a uniquely American house design.
House Plan Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #929-1046
Newest House Plans
Do you like to stay on the cutting edge, jumping on the latest design developments before they become the next popular trends? Explore our newest plans, just added to the eplans collection. You'll find plans with the best features of contemporary plan design: open layouts, island kitchens, great rooms, master suites on the main floor, mudrooms, e-spaces, flex rooms (which are increasingly taking the place of designated living and dining rooms). Check back here often, since these plans update frequently.
House Plan Design - Victorian Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-196
Queen Anne House Plans
Like the Victorian age, Queen Anne house plans are grandiose and opulent. Think about “Victorian architecture” and what probably comes to mind is a Queen Anne house plan. Queen Anne style is in fact one of the sub-styles of the Victorian school. Replete with towers, wings, wraparound porches, and intersecting gables, the multistory Queen Anne house plan presents an eccentric asymmetrical façade to the street.
House Plan Design - European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-205
Second Empire House Plans
The characteristic mansard roofs gives Second Empire house plans a full level of attic or living space under the roof. Looking like a crown atop the stately home, a mansard roof is not really a roof at all. Dressed in shingles with dormers peeking through, it appears to be a roof, but it is actually the angled, flared, or curved wall of the house’s uppermost story.
House Plan Design - Cabin Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #25-4286
Shed House Plans
Shed house plans are a good choice for environmentally-minded homeowners who like modern contemporary style. A common variation in contemporary and modern architecture refers to the roof form. A shed roof slopes in only one direction, with no gable peak. A shed house plan may have multiple roof planes, each sloping a different direction. Shed home plans are particularly well suited for mounting solar panels, since they provide large expanses of roof space.
House Plan Design - Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #56-604
Shingle House Plans
The Shingle style evokes images of seaside towns and slower lifestyles. Shingle style house plans vary in form, but maintain a constant theme of irregular shapes and unadorned surfaces unified by rustic shingle cladding. Rooflines are complex, with multiple elements of varying shapes and heights.
House Plan Design - European Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #929-893
Sloped Lot House Plans
Are you concerned about building your dream house on a lot that slopes? Don't be! Sloping lots can be a pain, but they don’t have to be when you shop on ePlans.com. Our sloping lot home designs were created with you (and your sloping lot) in mind. These plans use the sloping lot to their advantage and often feature a beautiful walkout basement.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-177
Southwest House Plans
Southwestern house plans combine simple wood, brick, and stucco construction with decorative details evoking the desert southwest. Inspired by the residences and architecture of the desert southwest’s native inhabitants and its Spanish colonizers, the Southwest style utilizes wood, brick, and stucco to create homes that blend with the desert landscape.
House Plan Design - European Photo Plan #120-177
Spanish Revival House Plans
Spanish or Spanish Revival house plans feature heavy ornamentation inspired by the Spanish and Moorish architectural traditions. Found primarily in the southwest, Texas, California, and Florida, Spanish Revival home designs draw on the heritage and architectural detail of America's Spanish colonial history. The red tile roofs and thick stuccoed walls serve to keep the interior cool in hot southern climates.
House Plan Design - Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1010-203
Split Level House Plans
The Split Level house plan is a variation on Ranch style, designed to maximize smaller lots. A relative of the Ranch home, the Split Level house plan features three levels of living space on a floor plan that makes economical use of the building lot. Split Level and similar Split Foyer house plans are particularly well-suited for sloping lots.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-22
The American Institute of Building Design Presents...
The home plans in this collection have been designed by Certified Professional Members of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD). A nonprofit professional organization established in 1950, AIBD strives to protect and enhance its membership's ability to practice their profession.