Exterior Features

House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-177
House Plans with Courtyards
Courtyard house plans deliver a well-deserved dose of luxury! Courtyard house plans (sometimes written "house plans with courtyard") provide a homeowner with the ability to enjoy scenic beauty while still maintaining a degree of privacy. They are also a symbol of luxury and can be utilized in many different ways, including: guest entertainment, family barbecues, sun-bathing and gardening.
House Plan Design - traditional house by David Wiggins 2100sft
House Plans with Patios
Nothing complements a new home and invites outdoor entertaining like a well-designed patio. All of the house plans in this collection include specially drawn patio plans that work seamlessly with their house plans, for a unified overall design.
House Plan Design - Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-22
House Plans with Pool
If you'd like your pool to reflect your individual aesthetic, you're in luck. Today's design trends are wide and varied. Once upon a time, when it came to pool design you had two choices: rectangular or kidney shaped. But these shapes suit few landscapes perfectly. Today's options including pond or beach-like designs and elegant, classical edge treatments, allow homeowners to match their pool to the landscape that will surround it and Eplans is here to help provide with that private oasis you have been yearning for.
House Plan Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1074-15
House Plans with Porches
House plans with porches offer curb appeal and outdoor living! In the collection below, you'll discover house plans with front porches, side porches, rear porches, wrap around porches, covered porches, and screened porches. All porch types add flavor and class to a house by offering the homeowner attractive outdoor scenery 24/7 and a shaded refuge on a hot summer afternoon.
House Plan Design - Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-150
House Plans with Wraparound Porches
Wrap around porch house plans boast rich curb appeal and spacious outdoor living. Imagine relaxing evenings enjoying the summer breeze, or catching the morning sun on the other side of your house, with a porch that wraps all the way around. Wrap around porch house plans help make the most of outdoor scenery by offering multiple vantage points.
House Plan Design - Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #927-1
Stone Homes
Want a home with striking curb appeal and castle-like allure? Check out these designs with stone. Whether you opt for natural or manufactured product, even a little bit of stone adds a lot of interest to a home exterior.
House Plan Design - Classical Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-222
Ultimate Entrances
These homes make splendid first impressions with stunning doorways, arched entryways, and more. When it comes to homes, realtors call this curb appeal — something that's critically important in today's volatile real estate market. Since the entry door is one of the first things guests and neighbors see, making the entry magnificent can go a long way in furthering your home's attractiveness and your pride of homeownership.