Ranch Style House Plans, Ranch Home Plans and Floor Plans

The ranch house plan reflects a traditional and practical approach to house design.

The modern Ranch style evolved in the post-WWII era, when land was plentiful and demand was high. On large suburban lots there was no need to conserve space by building up, so Ranch home plans expanded outwards on a single story, causing them to be known as Ramblers in some regions. The classic Ranch floor plan features a combined living and dining area and a separate kitchen, with a hallway leading to the bedrooms on the other side of the home. Ranch designs may be rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped in plan.

The asymmetrical Ranch house plan is generally built with a low-pitched side gable or hipped roof and a large attached garage. The entry may be protected by a small portico or recessed porch. Large picture windows are common. Ranch style homes have few decorative elements, save for shutters and porch roof supports. No-nonsense siding or brick typically clad the exterior. Though typically a single story, Ranch home variations include the split-level and split-foyer designs, which share most other characteristics of Ranch style.


Architectural features:

  • Wide, rambling shallow footprint with attached garage
  • One story with a low-pitched roof
  • Picture windows and sliding patio doors are common
  • Fa├žade characterized by lack of decoration

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