French Country Style

French Country House Plans

French Country house plans bring to mind homey refuges among pastoral landscapes and rambling vineyards.

French Country style became popular after World War I when soldiers returning from Europe settled down and began building homes inspired by the cottages and grand manors of the French countryside.

French Country home plans typically offer two stories of living space in a rectangular footprint under a hipped roof. The entrance is prominently placed front and center. The symmetrical fa├žade may be broken by one or two protruding bays with varying roof heights. A common variation on the French Country floor plans is an L-shaped layout with a round tower at the intersection housing the entrance. The exterior may be brick or stone masonry, stucco, or a combination. Decoration may be minimal or elaborate, emulating Renaissance or English Tudor traditions. Interior design can vary greatly, with the generally rectangular footprint lending itself to flexible living patterns inside. With plenty of living space and a subdued elegance, French Country house plans are great for families that like to entertain.


Architectural features:

  • Single or multiple hipped roof elements
  • Brick, stone or stucco often used in combination on the facade
  • Round towers characterize some examples
  • Dormers of multiple types often penetrate the roof

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