Photographed homes may have been modified from original design. Square footage may or may not include basement area. Please check floor plans carefully.
primary style:
French Country
half baths:
garage bays:
living area:
2,515 sq. ft.
bonus space:
365 sq. ft.
50' 8" x 66' 8"
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About this plan

This rustic French Country exterior opens up to a plan full of modern amenities. This rustic French Country exterior opens up to a plan full of modern amenities. The foyer, preceded by a petite porch, leads into a gallery hall that opens to a sunny, vaulted great room. With its fireplace and porch access, this will be the most popular room in the house. As an added convenience, the great room flows into a breakfast room that has a box-bay window and built-ins. The island kitchen features plenty of counter space, including a snack bar for easy entertaining. A formal dining room is adjacent. Occupying the home’s left wing, the master suite provides a thoroughly relaxing retreat with His and Hers vanities in the bathroom and double walk-in closets. Upstairs, two bedrooms each boast a built-in desk and private bath. A huge bonus space over the garage awaits expansion and could become an extra bedroom or home theater. More Less...
Primary Style French Country Bedrooms: 3
Half Baths: 1 Baths: 3
Living Area: 2,515 sq.ft. Width: 50' 8"
Foundation: Crawlspace Depth: 66' 8"
Bonus space: 365 sq.ft. Stories: 2
Styles: European
French Country
Garage Bays: 2

Special Features

  • Fireplace
  • Formal Dining Room
  • Front Porch
  • Great/Gathering Room
  • Kitchen Island
  • Optional Bonus Space
  • Rear Porch
  • Split Bedrooms

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Blueprints (3)

print floorplans (3)

Level 1 view expanded size

Level 1


Special Features

  • Fireplace
  • Formal Dining Room
  • Front Porch
  • Great/Gathering Room
  • Kitchen Island
  • Optional Bonus Space
  • Rear Porch
  • Split Bedrooms
Heated/living area
2,515 sq. ft.
Bonus area
365 sq. ft.
Wood - 2x4
Roof material
Roof framing
First Floor
1834 sq ft
Second Floor
681 sq ft
Basement Unfinished
1825 sq ft
365 sq ft
Bathroom 3
50 sq ft / width x depth 10' 0'' x 5' 0''
191 sq ft / width x depth 14' 0'' x 13' 8''
Bathroom 2
45 sq ft / width x depth 9' 2'' x 5' 0''
Bedroom 3 Closet
9 sq ft / width x depth 4' 8'' x 2' 0''
Gathering Room
340 sq ft / width x depth 20' 0'' x 17' 0''
3rd BR Closet
9 sq ft / width x depth 4' 8'' x 2' 0''
Bonus Room - Finished
190 sq ft / width x depth 11' 8'' x 16' 4''
Bedroom 2
165 sq ft / width x depth 15' 0'' x 11' 0''
Bedroom 3
154 sq ft / width x depth 14' 0'' x 11' 0''
Dining Room
186 sq ft / width x depth 14' 0'' x 13' 4''
63 sq ft / width x depth 6' 8'' x 9' 6''
Bedroom 2 Closet
9 sq ft / width x depth 4' 8'' x 2' 0''
Powder Room
26 sq ft / width x depth 5' 4'' x 5' 0''
Hall Closet
6 sq ft / width x depth 3' 2'' x 2' 0''
Master Bedroom
225 sq ft / width x depth 15' 0'' x 15' 0''
Master Bathroom
128 sq ft / width x depth 11' 8'' x 11' 0''
Utility Room
72 sq ft / width x depth 9' 0'' x 8' 0''
Breakfast Room
132 sq ft / width x depth 12' 0'' x 11' 0''
Master Closet
41 sq ft / width x depth 4' 6'' x 9' 4''
Porch - Rear
220 sq ft / width x depth 22' 0'' x 10' 0''
Porch - Front
35 sq ft / width x depth 14' 4'' x 2' 6''

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What's in the Plan?



What's in the Plan?

While the contents of each blueprint package vary slightly, each contains detailed, high-quality working
drawings that show you exactly how your project is to be built. Your plan package may include the following:

1. Detailed Floor Plans
Detailed floor plans show the layout of each floor of the house. Rooms and interior spaces are carefully dimensioned, doors and windows located, and keys are given for cross-section details provided elsewhere in the plans.

2. Exterior Elevations
In addition to the front exterior, your blueprint set may include drawings of the rear and sides of your house. These drawings give notes on exterior materials and finishes. Particular attention is given to cornice detail, brick and stone accents or other finish items that make your home unique.

3. Front Perspective
The artist's sketch of the exterior of the house gives you an idea of how the house will look when built and landscaped.

4. Foundation Plans
This sheet shows the foundation layout including concrete walls, footings, pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, and foundation notes. If the home features a basement, the first floor framing details may also be included on this plan. If your plan features slab construction rather than a basement, the plan shows footings and details for a monolithic slab. This page, or another in the set, may include a sample plot plan for locating your house on a building site. Additional sheets focus on foundation cross-sections and other details.

5. House and Detailed Cross-Sections
Large-scale views show sections or cutaways of the foundation, interior walls, exterior walls, floors, stairways, and roof details. Additional cross-sections may show important changes in floor, ceiling, or roof heights, or the relationship of one level to another. These sections show exactly how the various parts of the house fit together and are extremely valuable during construction. Additional sheets may include enlarged wall, floor, and roof construction details.

6. Floor Structural Supports
Floor framing details come with plans that have basement and/or crawlspace foundations. Each includes spacing, direction, span, and specifications for floor joists. Beam and window headers, along with necessary details for framing connections, stairways, or dormers are also included.



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