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Founded in 1987 by Jim Wells, Atlanta Plan Source, Inc. initially served as a publishing and marketing firm, representing many of the nation's leading designers. As the business grew, new plans were added to the collection and additional services were offered. Now, a full service design firm, Atlanta Plan Source, Inc. offers a large collection of stock home plans, material lists, plan revisions, and custom home design using 3D CAD.

Jim's lifelong love of design and his diverse background in design and construction have culminated in the creation of many of the nation's most popular home designs. Always "hands-on" in the creative process, he finds few things more rewarding than defining a need in the marketplace, than poring over a blank sheet of paper or a computer screen and creating a home design like none before it.

Though affordable single-story homes are the mainstay of Atlanta Plan Source, Inc., Jim has ventured into a variety of other arenas with similar success. His one-and-a-half and two-story homes have received rave reviews, many becoming stars in their own right. Additionally, the popularity of his line of garages and vacation homes has been delightfully successful.

With thousands of home plans delivered and built across the United States and around the world, Atlanta Plan Source continually strives to provide quality home plans, offering innovative designs and unsurpassed service. Atlanta Plan Source has earned several of Hanley Wood's Best-Selling Plan awards, as well as many other design awards.

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