Alan Mascord Design Associates

The practical pursuit of perfection—these words best summarize the philosophy of Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc., one which strives for architectural perfection while still focusing on everyday practicality.

Founded in 1983 as a service to Northwest builders, Mascord soon gained a national following of builders and homeowners who appreciated the creativity and beauty of the home plans.

Mascord homes fit in well in a variety of settings—most can successfully be built anywhere in the country. The company has gained a well-deserved reputation for creative Craftsman style homes in all size ranges. Their designers also have a personal love and appreciation for good contemporary architecture, as evidenced by some of the creative examples in the collection.

An early advocate of energy efficient designs, Mascord has been a leading proponent of designing responsibly and sustainably for the future. Any of the plans can be detailed to meet any of the current energy standards. Mascord supplies complete construction documents in addition to the home design, including structural information and details.

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