Deck Plans

Take outdoor living to the next level with these outstanding deck plans.

3 Story House Plans

For unparalleled views and maximum space on a small lot, you can’t beat a three-story home.

2 Story House Plans

Two-story homes offer distinct advantages: they maximize the lot by building up instead of out, are well-suited for view lots, and offer greater privacy for bedrooms.

1 Story House Plans

One-story homes are an excellent choice for many different types of buyers. Young families will appreciate the lack of stairs when chasing after kids.

5 Bedroom House Plans

For the ultimate in space and versatility, five-bedroom homes are the way to go.

4 Bedroom House Plans

For families needing a bit more space, four bedrooms are perfect.

3 Bedroom House Plans

Three-bedroom plans outsell all others. Why?

2 Bedroom House Plans

Two bedrooms may be all that buyers need, especially empty nesters or couples without children (or just one).

1 Bedroom House Plans

Whether built as an in-law unit for a larger home or as a stand-alone small dwelling, one-story homes have a lot to offer.

House Plans with Pool

A well-planned pool is one that takes the home into account and isn’t just plopped into the backyard.